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カナダの活気に満ちた音楽シーンからやって来た Generous Thieves が、新鮮な新曲「Famous In Japan」を携えて戻ってきました。 ここにあるのは、待望の次のアルバムに収録されているもののほんの一部です。 フロントマン Andrew Conroy によって書かれ、プロデュースされたこの新曲は、さまざまなジャンルを受け入れ、一貫性がありながらも独特のサウンドを生み出すバンドの能力を示しています。

90 年代のスカとレゲエの特徴的なブレンドにより、Generous Thieves は、ヒップホップとゴスペルの影響をシームレスに注入しながら、No Doubt や Sublime の郷愁を呼び起こします。 その結果、時代を超越した新鮮さを兼ね備えたサウンドが生まれ、今日の音楽界では稀な偉業を成し遂げました。

Generous Thieves の人気が着実に高まっているのも不思議ではありません。

批評家からの高い評価という印象的な実績を持つこの才能あるバンドは、音楽業界に波を起こしています。 彼らのユニークなサウンドは、CBC Music の George Stroumboulopoulos などの尊敬される人物の注目を集め、IRIE Magazine で誰もが欲しがる「Trax of The Day」特集を獲得し、 からの熱烈なレビューも獲得しまし The Peak や The Other Press。 Generous Thieves はコンサートやフェスティバルの聴衆に感動を与え続け、この地域で最もエキサイティングでダイナミックなライブ アクトの 1 つとしての地位を固めています。

彼らのデビューフルアルバム「Bruiser」は、バンドにとって大きな変革をもたらすことを約束します。 2023 年 10 月に Flashlight Music Group/Fontana North からリリースされる予定のこの待望のアルバムは、バンドの生の才能と革新的なスタイルを披露するでしょう。

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Vancouver, Generous Thieves are back with a fresh new single, "Famous In Japan", which is just a taste of what's to come on their highly-anticipated upcoming album. The new single, which was written and produced by frontman Andrew Conroy,  showcases the band's ability to incorporate various genres to create a cohesive yet distinctive sound.

With their signature blend of 90s-era ska and reggae, Generous Thieves evoke the nostalgia of No Doubt and Sublime, while seamlessly infusing hip-hop and gospel influences. The result is a sound that is both timeless and fresh, a rare feat in today's music landscape.

It's no surprise that Generous Thieves have been steadily growing in popularity.  

With an impressive track record of critical acclaim, this talented band has been making waves in the music industry. Their unique sound has caught the attention of respected figures such as George Stroumboulopoulos on CBC Music, as well as earning the coveted "Trax of The Day" feature in IRIE Magazine, along with glowing reviews from The Peak and The Other Press.  Generous Thieves continues to impress concert and festival audiences, solidifying their place as one of the region's most exciting and dynamic live acts.

Their debut full-length album, "Bruiser", promises to be a game-changer for the band. Set to be released in October 2023 on Flashlight Music Group/Fontana North, this highly-anticipated album is sure to showcase the band's raw talent and innovative style.



"Generous Thieves proves with their new EP that Canada has incredible reggae artists too. The band’s music  benefits from easygoing energy, diverse themes, and reassuring compositions that we should tune into immediately. Their music is a fantastic addition to the playlists of devout reggae fans and Canadian music lovers looking to experience the genre for the first time. If I were you, get listening, and prepare to be swept away by the  world of reggae."

- Jonathan Pabico, The Other Press 

Read the full review here.

"Will this Vancouver-based reggae band steal your heart? Probably. In just five songs, Generous Thieves masterfully delivers a commentary on racial injustice and the housing crisis. Their first reggae album is both relaxing and hard-hitting punk wrapped into one very cohesive package. Indeed, they reveal the severity of where they are going by building on the past and the people that have walked the path before them."

- Kelly Chia, The Peak 

Read the full review here.


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