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Generous Thieves return this summer with a fresh reggae-influenced track titled Take Me Away.  The single serves as a follow-up to their debut EP, The Severity of Where We're Going, as well as a preview of their upcoming full-length record.  Take Me Away offers a playful and satirical lyrical take on the current economic crisis, while musically the single is reminiscent of nineties ska bands like Sublime and No Doubt.  The dynamics of the song take the listener on a journey through the inevitable hardships of increased rent and inflation, while still taking time to enjoy the little pleasures life has to offer.  


Generous Thieves is a collaborative group spearheaded by multi-instrumentalist and producer Andrew Conroy, and features contributions from numerous writers and musicians from across Canada.

Take Me Away is available via Flashlight Music Group/Fontana North.



"Generous Thieves proves with their new EP that Canada has incredible reggae artists too. The band’s music  benefits from easygoing energy, diverse themes, and reassuring compositions that we should tune into immediately. Their music is a fantastic addition to the playlists of devout reggae fans and Canadian music lovers looking to experience the genre for the first time. If I were you, get listening, and prepare to be swept away by the  world of reggae."

- Jonathan Pabico, The Other Press 

Read the full review here.

"Will this Vancouver-based reggae band steal your heart? Probably. In just five songs, Generous Thieves masterfully delivers a commentary on racial injustice and the housing crisis. Their first reggae album is both relaxing and hard-hitting punk wrapped into one very cohesive package. Indeed, they reveal the severity of where they are going by building on the past and the people that have walked the path before them."

- Kelly Chia, The Peak 

Read the full review here.


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